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EMF Healer Combo Disc

New Unified Healer Combo Disc 

Super Abundance Combo Disc

Super Protection Combo Disc

Dream Child Combo Disc

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The New Universe Healer Combo consists of four designs and is built to heal on many levels of your being.  It is especially geared towards physical and emotional wellness.   The Unified Healer comes from a Universe of zero separation and complete UNITY consciousness.  This design is strait up alchemy and translates energy to radically shift a person past old states of consciousness and fragmentation.  Radical physical healing is possible with this disc. :)

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This design has been created for one main purpose - TO protect the body, brain, and home from the shocking amounts of electrical, magnetic, and non-aligned frequencies that are inundating our lives. Studies are not supportive of electromagnetic frequencies that emanate from cell phones, cell phone towers and smart meters to name just a few.  The EMF SYSTEM blocks/eliminates those frequencies by breaking them up energetically with higher vibrational light energy.  THE secondary purpose is to heal, clear, and strengthen the body on all levels.  With the addition of the NEW UNIVERSE HEALER (2x layered) and MAGICAL FORCE (side 2).  

Wear a talisman (2") or carry (2") for walking about each day -

Use a 3" disc for an office or room -

Use a 4", 5", or 6' inch disc for a home 

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Brings about Abundance on every level of reality. What do you need?  What does your Soul need?  This design will bring more financial abundance for sure.  But, it brings about things that you need.  Perhaps it's a new friend, perhaps its a change of attitude or perspective.  This design just brings it to you.  COSMIC ABUNDANCE calls forth from the universe on ALL levels what a Soul desires and needs. The GOLDEN AMPLIFIER adds good luck and physical manifestation. It is programmable and will respond to aligned intent.  

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Is a disc that protects those that feel uncomfortable on the planet, the emotional Soul's who absorb emotions and anger, the rare Beings who people tend to take energy from, and those that want to just be comfortable in their own shoes.  The design creates space by High frequency vibration pushing energy out 24/7 into space and time. It will clear space and shield people from inappropriate energy on every level.  My designs all come from a higher dimension where UNITY consciousness is the rule.  The rules are different there, and bringing the designs into physical dimension creates the ability to alter your reality too.  Once one get used to the energy of the discs.  Then you naturally start to carry those frequencies too.  So, the designs teach and help one to become higher vibration with there presence.  

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This is a design that comprises 3 distinct energies. One comes from ascended Earth and is called STAR CHILD (Earth Magic).  STAR CHILD calms the nervous system, deepens sleep state. and brings magic.  WHITE LIGHT opens up higher dream states and strengthens vision.  The NEW AEON design frequency comes from a pure light universe and manifests vision, alignment and ascension choices. In this combo it helps activate a  beautiful and magical DreamTime and helps create new pathways forward.

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