This is a design that comprises 4 distinct energies. The NEW AEON  energy comes directly from a pure light New Universe (same place as the New Universe Healer) and manifests vision, alignment and Higher Self ascension. STAR CHILD  (Earth Magic) calms the nervous system, deepens sleep state. and brings physical moon magic. WHITE LIGHT opens up higher dream states and strengthens vision (great for artists and creators). COSMIC ABUNDANCE  brings forth abundance on all levels, including monetary. This combo brings forth aligned physical abundance, ascension consciousness, living life and dreams, expanded dreamstates, and intuitive Higher Self alighnment. Great for everyone!


Each disc is a complete system, incorporating four distinct designs:

  • Front: Double layer New Aeon
  • Middle: Single layer Star Child (hidden)
  • Back: Double layer Cosmic Abundance, single layer White Light

Smaller size discs (2" and 3") are wonderful to keep in a pocket or purse. Larger discs can simply be placed bedside, at your office desk, or in a living space and they will do the work for you, and everyone in the space benefits. Use your intuition on where it is needed most for you and your space!

DreamChild Combo

  • Basic Care

    Do not leave outside, wash, or launder... check those pockets! The only weakness to discs can sometimes be water.  A simple dry cloth will clean surface.


    Energetic Care

    These never have to be energetically cleared or recharged. Just set them in your living area, pillow case, or at work. The discs continually generate specific frequencies as desiged with no further input from you! Simply enjoy.

  • The energetic output of each disc extends much more than the physical disc itself. The ranges for each size of this DreamChild Combo disc are as follows:

    • 2 in: 8 ft, strongest within 4 ft
    • 3 in: 11-13 ft, strongest within 6 ft
    • 4 in: 14-18 ft, strongest within 10 ft
    • 5 in: 20-22 ft, strongest within 14-16 ft
    • 6 in: 25-30 ft, strongest within 18-21 ft