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2" - $65 Carry

3" - $85 Single room

4" - $105 Larger space

5" - $125 Most of house

6" - $145 Energize house


SEE COMBO PAGE for detailed design information.  Each disc is a specific creation (years of download work) with multiple designs layered into a specific system... which in this case brings protection and insulation from energies and disharmony.  For those who are sensitive... This disc is amazing.  A Bonus is additional physical energy and natural foundational strength. Also, remember that every single design supports your ability to increase your intuition and live from Higher Self.

Super Protector COMBO Disc - A SHIELD in todays reality!

  • Basic Care

    Do not leave outside, wash, or launder... check those pockets! The only weakness to discs can sometimes be water.  A simple dry cloth will clean surface.


    Energetic Care

    These never have to be energetically cleared or recharged. Just set them in your living area, pillow case, or at work. The discs continually generate specific frequencies as desiged with no further input from you! Simply enjoy.

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