This design has been created for one main purpose: to protect the body, brain, and home from the shocking amounts of electrical, magnetic, and non-aligned frequencies that are constantly inundating our lives. Studies are not supportive of electromagnetic frequencies that emanate from cell phones, cell phone towers and smart meters, to name a few. This EMF Healer System blocks/eliminates those frequencies by breaking them up energetically with higher vibrational light energy. The secondary purpose is to heal, clear, and strengthen the body on all levels.


Each disc is a complete system, incorporating four distinct designs:

  • Front: double layer EMF-5G Blocker
  • Middle: single layer Amplifier (hidden)
  • Back: single layer Magical Force, double layer New Universe Healer 

For smaller size discs (2" and 3") that you wish to keep in a pocket or purse, it is recommended to keep the back side (Healer, Magical Force) towards the body, and the front (EMF Blocker) facing away from the body. Larger discs can simply be placed bedside, at your office desk, or in a living space and they will do the work for you. Use your intuition on where it is needed most for you and your space!

EMF Healer Combo | 5G Blocker

  • Basic Care

    Do not leave outside, wash, or launder... check those pockets! The only weakness to discs can sometimes be water.  A simple dry cloth will clean surface.


    Energetic Care

    These never have to be energetically cleared or recharged. Just set them in your living area, pillow case, or at work. The discs continually generate specific frequencies as desiged with no further input from you! Simply enjoy.

  • The energetic output of each disc extends much more than the physical disc itself. The ranges for each size of this EMF disc are as follows:

    • 2 in: 10 ft, strongest within 4 ft
    • 3 in: 12-14 ft, strongest within 8 ft
    • 4 in: 18-20 ft, strongest within 12 ft
    • 5 in: 25-28 ft, strongest within 16-18 ft
    • 6 in: 32-35 ft, strongest within 22-25 ft