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Todd Rohlsson

Professional Psychic | Energy Alchemist | Healer  

Todd has been continually developing, evolving and refining his natural abilities, while growing and expanding his skill sets for over 25 years working in spiritual realms. His chosen path of becoming his own Higher Self and maintaining constant direct connection with his guidance team allows for clear flow of communication directly with your own Guides and Angels.

Working in this way grants Todd the ability to work from the center of his divine connection and knowing. This allows him to see and understand information from multiple realms of energy and consciousness simultaneously, opening a multifaceted, multidimensional view of one's Soul. Through his many years of dedicated spiritual work and evolution, he has found this to be a wonderfully clear system, as he achieves instant direct knowing and divine truth in the now, rather than allowing information to be filtered through another being or beings as an indirect medium or channel.

During each session, Todd will bring forth the most relevant knowledge and healing for each Soul in the present now moment. All levels of Akashic records can be seen. Soul contracts and agreements, including karmic, ancestral, and family patterns can be reviewed, cleared and brought current, and energetic systems including physical, emotional, and auric fields can be cleared and healed as well.

All questions and concerns are welcome.

Each experience brings an incredible array of new possibilities, understanding and magic!

Session Rate - $180/hour

1.5 hour is $240  

Remote sessions available worldwide via
Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime

Bring all your questions and concerns on EVERY level!

In-person appointments have been suspended at this time.

Office located at:

No office at this time - Zoom, Skype or Facetime appointments 
are accepted. Or on a nice day... A park works too.
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IntraSpace (Seattle)

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