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Todd Rohlsson

Professional Dimensional Psychic | Energy Alchemist | Healer  

Todd works directly from his Higher Self which allows and authorizes him to change peoples lives in a single session. He has done this work for over 25 years.  Working from Divine connection and in full connection with Source, your team of guides, and the multi-dimensional Cosmic Hierarchies... offers a Soul an ability to transcend time and heal radically. The path of healing and truth always comes from simplicity, trusting unification, and letting go of old issues.  Connected to Source, multi-dimensional information, and direct Higher Self communication aligns Todd with the ability to transcend limitations if need be.  His only personal goal for any Soul that he comes in contact with is their complete evolution and healing if they make that choice.  Todd will have numerous conversations on many levels and a laugh with you at the same time of facilitating these changes. 


Joy and healing are choices too.  

"We are truly moving into an ascended consciousness... Each time we choose more alignment our reality will change. It's time to make authentic choices, live in moral and correct consciousness, and manifest our highest choices"  Todd R.

Looking forward to assisting in person or on zoom/etc.  Blessings


Session Rate - $220/ 1h

Other time allotments available, see link below to book:

Remote sessions available worldwide via
Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime

Bring all your questions and concerns on EVERY level!

In-person appointments are available in Edmonds, WA

Email directly to arrange in-person session:

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Office @ 
Edmonds, Wa.

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