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2023 Current Designs 

Oval Design button.jpg

StarSeed is the highest vibrational design so far.  It is an Ascension energy system which empowers, energizes and shifts one to potential higher states of consciousness.  Everything is choice.  This disc helps with the correct alignment. Included with most combo discs.

A design from the Ascended Masters realm which embodies the realization of immaculate peace.  This brings in a natural flow... and potential deep personal growth.  Divine Peace is also a form of constant renewal, acceptance of one's divine transformation, and allowing resistance to fly away.

The Aeon is an infinite light energy system to support intuitive growth through focus and expansion.  Becoming your Higher Self is truly the primary ascension and this design empowers that vision.  When we become in knowing more options and information is present in the now.

Cosmic A 2nd page.jpg

Abundance is a divine right and comes in infinite forms. For some it is from money or recognition.  Others it is in love or friendships.  Cosmic Abundance is divine alignment that brings forth the correct abundance from your Higher Self and guidance.   

GOLDEN Amp SF 2nd page.jpg

Golden Amp is a high frequency energy which brings forth Good Luck and Manifestation.  It is also a positive energy influence dedicated to allowing more flow into ones life, facilitating more ease, acceptance of ones circumstances, and relaxation.  

GRay 2nd page.jpg

Golden Ray is a higher vibration energy to facilitate a strong intuition from ones Higher Self knowing system.  In a way its a masculine energy because of the constant push of light.  Here is GOLD ray in a physical pattern... Pure alchemy energy to assist intuitive focus and growth.

White L 2nd page.jpg

PURE White Light is a higher dimensional frequency which brings forth unfiltered no-form or agenda,  clean and clear energy.  Excellent for the creative Souls and those who need a lot of positive energy to change.  Great for artists, Those looking for growth, and people who desire positivity. 

Healer 2nd page.jpg

The Unified Healer works from higher energy to speed physical healing and general healing on all levels.  Since the pattern comes from a higher dimension it provides constant support to a Soul.  All designs never need to be cleared, cleansed in any form.  Get the Healer combo for constant support :) 

EMF SF 2nd page.jpg

This is an amazing design that blocks 5G and other energies from the physical body and system.  Tested independently on an EMF meter, It blocked 100% of the electronic energies within 2 seconds.  Part of the EMF combo disc.  Great for those in office, service, or home computer work. 

Emotional H SF 2nd page.jpg

The Emotional Healer cleanses old patterns and brings forth more ease and calmness into a Souls life. The significant shifts in consciousness are affecting the body systems in stressful ways.  Here is a high energy design from the light realms to assist.

GAIA 2nd page.jpg

This is a brand new Amplifier from Gaia herself for manifestation on the beautiful Earth, but only in Alignment to higher purpose for the benefit of ALL. Which is really a natural state of abundance in the first place. Programmable Energy design from higher Earth

COS amp 2nd page.jpg

This is a Higher Realm programmable Amplifier.  It is a pure energy battery affecting other designs and energizing them further.  Every combo has either the Cosmic or Gaia in the middle to add extra amplification. Use it in alignment & instant manifestation is possible.

ArkF 2nd page.jpg

ArkField is a design from the ArcAngelic realms which is wholly unified in energy and alignment.  This design strengthens a Soul to feel more comfortable on the planet.  It puts a barrier of light around a person and will block 80-95% of misaligned energies on its own.  Part of the Super Protection Combo.

Angelic S SF 2nd page.jpg

The Angelic Shield has three primary purposes.  One is to provide more physical energy. The other two are Protection through the Angels and clearing of what one has collected that is improper for the body or Soul.  Therefore its a multi tool of good and positive frequency for the Physical body.

MAG F 2nd page.jpg

Magical force is primarily a strengthener of all aspects of the body. It also grounds and clears energy which is not healthy for you.  The design is integrated into many of the combo discs but always in the middle of the combo's (hidden and central). Their are 2 versions - One for enhanced protection, the 2nd for clearing.

SunStr 2nd page.jpg

SunStar is part of the Trio of EARTH magic discs (StarChild, Gaia Amp) which connect to the higher consciousness Earth energies.  This design is pure joy from the Gaia aligned realm.  SunStar is part of a couple Combo discs.  SEE Combo page.

Star Child 2nd page.jpg

Star Child is one of the three EARTH Magic designs (SunStar - Gaia Amp).  It comes from Magic and empowers dreams, deep sleep, and creativity.  Allow more ease and flow into your life with this design.

EMF FB sizes 2.jpg

See the Combo Page for information on the many designs in each.  See the Shop Page for direct ordering discs.  Blessings for 2023. 

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