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2022 Current Designs 

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This design brings forth INTERNAL strength, protection, and empowerment.  This 2021 design operates in alignment with ones true Self & Divine nature to clear and shift away old misaligned programs, including blockages, resistances, and old foundational thinking. Life can then shift into a state of awareness and resolute Higher Self living. This design is part of the SUPER PROTECTOR Combo.

Emotional Healer website j_edited.jpg


Clears past trauma, heals old wounds and patterns on ALL levels through pure energy and focused light. The emotional system is complicated and with the brain running old patterns of guilt and judgement, it's hard to let go.  This design supports releasing what no longer serves you on ALL levels of your emotional BEING and supports natural growth. THIS design is part of the UNIFIED HEALER COMBO!

Cosmic Abundance website j.jpg


Universal Abundance created by your alignment with what is best for you in the Universe. Manifests alignment & abundance in your life in ALL forms.  What do you need?  Perhaps its money, perhaps its a new friend. THIS disc brings it to you.  This design is so useful it is part of many of the Combo discs, because of it's PURE light. THIS design is part of the SUPER ABUNDANCE COMBO!

Starseed G individual page_edited.jpg


This design assists one to move to a Unified Being.  To choose to consolidate, incorporate and become One Soul again.  We have all lived in a fractured and misaligned Universe to educate and learn. Now we can Choose complete Unification in this moment in time. THIS design is part of the UNIFIED HEALER COMBO & the SUPER PROTECTOR COMBO!

WEBSITE Renewel.jpg


This design marks a shift in the Living Light Alchemy Designs overall work... Moving from high energy outward projection to systems of INTERNAL fortification & resolution. Renewal brings those qualities to each Soul with joy & peace included. Empowers Self-knowing & expansion of Higher Self too. THIS design is part of the UNIFIED HEALER COMBO  & other Combos.


Emf star website j.jpg


Blocks & Clears frequencies; Including cell phones, magnetic energies, electo-magnetics & mis-aligned energies. Furthermore it blocks the new 5G EMF frequencies. In the COMBO system it works with the Unified Healer and Magical force to create a healing/clearing full system disc. THIS design is central to the EMF HEALER COMBO

New Universe website jpg.jpg


This design brings a pattern of energy from the New Universe.  This is a energy of pure light with zero separation which brings potential miracles in the healing realm while advancing your conscious connection to Higher Self and knowing. THIS design is part of the UNIFIED HEALER COMBO & the EMF HEALER COMBO!

Angelic p website j_edited.jpg


This design comes from the Angelic realms and has 3 primary purposes. One is to create physical protection for a Soul. Another is to clear the body of physical blocks or energies that are not positive for the system. Lastly, it pours more physical energy when one's tired. This design is part of the SUPER PROTECTOR Combo.

Magical Force website j_edited.jpg


Solidify & strengthen physical body by grounding out negative energy collected by your Soul.  Also, clears away energy too.  This design is part of a couple of the combo discs because it adds strength and fortification.  It is also quite protective to the Soul too. ALL disc have a variety of energy systems. This design is part of the SUPER PROTECTOR Combo.

Star Child website j.jpg


This design comes from the new Earth magic systems inundating our next reality.  In a way it carries the future. Acceptance, Calmness of spirit, balance on all levels. It is a disc of pure calming, thus is fantastic for sleep state and nervous people.  THIS design is part of the DREAM CHILD COMBO!

Sun Star website j.jpg


This is another disc of pure Earth Magic based on liquid JOY and finding breakthroughs by just living life.  This design clears old patterns and brings optimism for ones path.  All my discs come from higher realms of consciousness. They assist to naturally help one evolve through pure ENERGY.

Amplifier individual jpg.jpg


This design is used in MOST of the combo's as a amplifier for the rest of the designs.  It is also designed to be programmed with ones Intent, which is quite important for building your vision.  Basically its simple - Focus your Intent within the any Combo disc for specifics. THIS design is always in the middle of the combo discs. It adds more energy to ALL designs.

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