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See Combo page to see detailed pictures of the designs in the disc.


A disc to gain and speed up Higher Self alignment, expansion of intuitive abilities, and uniting your vision to aligned aspects of Self.  Love this disc for those who need more energy on every level! :)


Synopsis - Inner Vision comprises 5 Designs -

Gold Ray (2X layer - Pure light with a masculine push)

SunStar (1X layer - Liquid joy on Earth)

Unification (2X layer (side2) - Unification on levels of Soul and reality - PURE light.

White Light (Inside disc and unseen) - Pure Light with no form

Cosmic Amplifier (Inside disc and unseen) - A battery to expand discs and adds Cosmic alignments.


Sizes --- 

2" - $60 Carry

3" - $80 Single room

4" - $100 Larger space

5" - $120 Most of house

6" - $140 Energize house




Inner Vision COMBO Disc

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